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Joe & Terry Graedon Interview, WUNC-FM - March 15, 2014

Science Magazine Article - January 24, 2014

ACAT's Alaska Collaborative on Health and Environment, The Emerging Sience of Epigenetics, Recording, December 2013

Environmental Health Perspectives Review Article "Uncertain Inheritance Transgenerational Effects of Environmental Exposures" October 2013

Smithsonian Magazine Feature Article “The Toxins That Affected Your Great-Grandparents Could Be In Your Genes”,  October 2013

Environmental Health News - July, 16 2013

Science News Article - April 6, 2013

The Collaboration on Health and the Environment: Audio Interview - March 20, 2013

BBC Horizon show Ghosts in your Genes

PBS show Nova Ghosts in your Genes

Audio Interview: Functional Medicine Update

Audio Interview:  NPR Living on Earth

 Science Watch - Thompson Reuters 2009

BBC Radio 4 Programmes – Frontiers, Epigenetics 2010

SQRadio Series on Epigenetics - 2011

Science News Article - February 2012

Gizmodo News Article - February 2012

Audio Interview: Blog Talk Radio - September 2012


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