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Skinner Laboratory Gift Research Funding

Gift Research Funding

Environmental Epigenetic Research Excellence Fund

This Research Fund has been established to facilitate the research activities of Dr. Michael K. Skinner and his laboratory at Washington State University. Unrestricted Gifts can be received for specific projects and research activities outlined below. Acknowledgement of the Gifts for supported research will be provided in the published scientific papers for which support was provided. A report will be provided of the progress and results of the research supported by the Gift. There are two ways to provide the Gift, the first is to fill out the Agreement Form and email to Mr. Don Shearer, and the second is an online process through the link below:

The first is to obtain the Gift Use Agreement Form below and sign. The form and check can be sent directly to the following for processing:

Gift Use Agreement Form

Laura Child
Interim Senior Director of Development
College of Arts and Sciences
Washington State University
Pullman, WA 99164
Phone:  509-335-6705


The second is an online process through a target Gift to the WSU Foundation at this link:

WSU Foundation’s Online Giving Site

The Gift Research Funding is critical to advance the science and research, and very much appreciated. Any questions can be directed to Dr. Michael K. Skinner at


Current Research Projects and Activities for Support

1)  Investigation of the ability of environmental toxicants (e.g. atrazine, herbicide, DDT and others) to promote the epigenetic transgenerational inheritance of disease. (Donor can specify toxicant of interest and disease interest).

2)  Investigation of the induction of transgenerational sperm or egg epigenetic changes (DNA methylation) termed “epimutations” that transmit the inheritance of disease.

3)  Potential use of epimutation signatures for biomarkers of ancestral exposures and for diagnostics for disease. (Donor can specify toxicant exposure interest and disease interest).

4)  Activity to translate the animal studies to human studies through preliminary trials with human patient samples.